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The map at the top of this page displays epicenters of significant earthquakes throughout the world for the 20th century (using 2002 data from the Centennial Earthquake Catalog).  To the right is where my base of operation is at the moment.  When I moved up here from San Francisco in 2010, I was less worried than I had been regarding earthquakes.  Not long after that, everyone started talking about the 9.0 mega quake that was coming...

Around the same time I began writing short articles for hubpages related to earthquakes. The topic of one such hub had me investigating just how likely such a quake would be in the near future.  What I found may surprise you.  In a nutshell, the Pacific Northwest is overdue for a quake in the 8.1 or 8.4 range off of the coast of southern Oregon, from west of Coos Bay in the north to as far south as the California side of the border with Oregon.  That could come at any time within the next 100 years.  A slightly larger quake is expected at some point soon after this last quake will occur (or they will happen simultaneously) along a section that begins west of Coos Bay in the south and extends up towards the Oregon-Washington border.  An even larger quake would be centered further off-shore than these other potential quakes and this bigger quake would be about due west of the central Washington coast. However, that can't be considered past due until sometime after 100 hundred years goes by.  There is also the possibility of the entire Cascadia Subduction Zone snapping, but those are rare occurrences that only happen when the other segments don't snap separately.  If that happens in the near future (speaking on a geologic time scale) it most likely won't happen until after another 200 years goes by.

Since writing for hubpages, I've published over 80 hubs on earthquakes, most of them doing what the vast majority of earth scientists believe to be impossible; giving probabilities for coming earthquakes measured in days rather than decades.  What would make it even more preposterous to seismologists is that I use planetary angular relationships to determine likely periods of time for such quakes.  But this is not your grandmother's astrology..  Rather than using traditional texts to guide me, statistical methods were utilized to determine the most relevant factors related to earthquakes.  And that is what I plan to present here...  

Back in April 2014 there was record breaking seismic activity worldwide, for earthquakes of 6.8 magnitude or larger.  For 7 months after that things were average, and then, for 4.75 months, it was about half of normal.  Then came April 25, 2015 earthquake of 7.85 magnitude.  Six days later, seismic activity picked up speed, with 5 times the normal number of earthquakes of this size during a 29 day period.  While worldwide significant seismic activity increased greatly, not long after the Nepal Earthquake of 7.85 magnitude, it ended with a similar sized earthquake deep under remote waters off the coast of Japan near the end of May 2015.  Worldwide activity then returned to a more or less normal state of activity.  

Presently, as a result of a slowdown in significant worldwide seismic activity, I am forecasting every quarter of the year rather than monthly (as was the case over the course of the past 4 years). One year which I already expect to be highly active is 2017, and that is likely going to have at least 3 big months (rather than the more typical 1 or 2 big months in a year).

You can find my "Earthquake Review & Forecast" at hubpages.com/@retrojoe, but be sure to check back here from time to time where I plan to post some exclusive and likely longer, more in-depth presentations.  So far, two articles have been published here that can be located by clicking the "Services" link at the upper left of this page.

You may also wish to visit my weebly page at earthquakepredictionnews.weebly.com to learn more about earthquake prediction or, to learn more about myself, you can surf over to retrojo8.wix.com/enterprises

Although it is still under development, please look at my new blog at WordPress that I plan to use regularly.  You can find that at quakequest.wordpress.com

If anybody would like to view over 250 astrological charts (presently 265) of significant seismic events that I collected, one may find them at the Astro Databank at the following link:


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