Earthquake Prediction Made Possible

Major Earthquake Foretold by Animal Behavior, Correlates with Astrology

"The first precise description of animal behavior before an earthquake dates from 373 B.C. and concerns the city of Helice in Achaia, the region of ancient Greece bordering the Gulf of Corinth. Helice was destroyed that year by an especially violent earthquake, sank into the ground in the course of the geological upheavals, and was swallowed forever by the sea. Five days before this thriving city sank from sight, reports the Greek historian Diodorus..., all animals that had been in it, such as rats, snakes, weasels, centipedes, worms, and beetles, migrated in droves along the connecting road toward the city of Koria.., the inhabitants of Helice were said to have been much puzzled."

-When the Snakes Awake - Animals and Earthquake Prediction by Helmut Tributsch
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology -1982

Worldwide seismic activity for 23-24 August 2011 (Greenwich Mean Time) for all earthquakes of 5.3 magnitude or higher.  Source=USGS database search with map display.

Most seismologists will tell you that earthquakes can not be predicted with precision. They will likely say that the best that a professional in the field can do is to estimate the probable odds of such an event within a range of magnitude and period of time, usually measured in decades, in a particular geographic area that is prone to such an occurrence.

If you talk to a statistician they will likely say that earthquakes happen at random, but that events often cluster at certain periods of time. Such concentrated occurrences may give one the impression that there is more afoot than what the rational, scientific view would want you to believe. However, consider the following:

On 22 August 2011 a magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred near Trinidad, Colorado. One might believe, since such a quake is only a moderately large one, that it was a fairly common occurrence. Yet in fact, the last time Colorado had a larger temblor was in November of 1882. There is more though... About twelve hours later, there was another rare seismic event in America. At that time a 5.8 magnitude quake struck Mineral, Virginia. Again, it was the second largest earthquake ever to be felt in that state since records were kept (the largest being an estimated 5.9 magnitude shaker back in 1897). It is probably safe to say that most people would consider such extremely rare occurrences in two separate states at nearly the same time a bit odd.

Looking outside of the United States and 24 hours later, there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in northern Peru. It occurred at a moderate depth of 147 kilometers so it did not cause death or destruction on the surface of the earth. The geographic setting above it was also a mountainous jungle area of the country and thus almost entirely inhabited by wild animals.

Razor-billed curassows recorded by one of 9 traps or cameras that silently responded to motion automatically for weeks prior to the 7.0 magnitude Peruvian earthquake of 24 August 2011.
-source: "Animals CAN predict earthquakes: Scientists film behavioural changes as seismic activity increases" by Sarah Griffiths for MailOnLine, published 24 March 2015 and found on the net at www.dailymail.co.uk (direct link to article given below).

Fortunately for the scientific community, the wild animals there had their activities recorded regularly for weeks prior to the earthquake. Nine traps or motion activated cameras were located on a mountainous ridge at an altitude of 900 meters in the Yanachaga National Park. Since great tectonic stresses were building up between rock layers inside the earth's crust over the course of several weeks before the earthquake, massive air ionization was created, with the greatest concentrations on the surface of mountain ridges and peaks.

Depending on whether the ions are positive or negative, they can induce unique behavioral changes, either calming (from high concentrations of negative ions) or, in this case, causing agitation in animals, particularly wild animals (from a massive discharge of positive ions). Normally, the cameras recorded an animal sighting 5 to 18 times in a day. However, the recorded activity changed significantly at a point 23 days prior to the earthquake. Eight days prior, all the wild rodents vanished from the area (not returning till after the temblor) and for 5 of the 7 days just prior to the earthquake, all other animals were not seen at all. On the other 2 days (within the last 5 days before the seismic event) they were recorded 3 times in total.

It is believed that the animals escaped to lower ground where there would have been less of a concentration of these ions. This appears to be the first time that researches have gathered what looks like indisputable proof that animals can anticipate earthquakes many days in advance. Dr. Rachel Grant, a lecturer in animal and environmental biology, from Anglia Ruskin University in England, led the study.

The mass ionization hypothesis as the cause for the disrupted animal behavior was based on an increase in ionization in the atmosphere that was recorded above the seismic zone and prior to this earthquake. The reflection of very low frequency (VLF) radio waves above the epicenter area was also recorded. These findings were brought to light by the study's co-authors Professor Friedemann Freund of the SETI Institute and Professor Jean-Pierre Raulin of the Centre of Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics Mackenzie (CRAAM) in Brazil and published in the journal Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. The above information came from the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/) and written by Sarah Griffiths for Mailonline on 24 March 2015.

There is more to this story based on my research into correlations between earthquakes and certain angular relationships among our solar system planets. As seen in the chart above for the month of August 2011, magnitude 6.5 or greater earthquakes corresponded to times of peak Astro-aspect values. This was also true for the largest earthquakes to occur in the United States during that month. But there are more surprises in store...

Key dates of when the wild animals in the mountains of Peru showed disruptions in their activity, also corresponded to key peak dates in Astro-aspect values. There were also peaks related to the interaction of transiting planetary aspects to the original planetary positions at the time of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake which occurred in the same area of Peru three years earlier or 26 August 2008. These peaks paralleled the larger peaks in Astro-aspect values (or transiting to transiting aspects).

It would appear as though the interaction of these two factors were at least mirroring the stress build up prior to the earthquake which in turn created massive ionization to occur, with the animal reactions corresponding to several peaks in Astro-aspect values. The reason I use the word mirroring instead of trigger in that last sentence is because I am not convinced that astrological planetary aspect interactions actually cause earthquakes to be set off. The mechanism may relate more to what the late psychoanalyst Carl Jung termed as synchronicity. In other words, what appears as cause and effect is really a parallel phenomena where the cycle of two separate situations are in synch or operating in unison.

They may be related, but one does not necessarily cause the other. The animals may react to an increase in positive ions being created en-mass by the buildup of tectonic forces before an earthquake.  Their reactions are in step or nearly so with that of an earthquake, but the ions did not cause the earthquake. Also, just because the animals react to precursory effects of the earthquake does not mean that they know that an earthquake is coming; the positive ions simply prompted them to flee to where the ions were less intense.

The planetary interactions may simply signal the coming of a cosmic period that makes it prime time for earthquake activity. Or they represent figurative signposts to inform one of danger from below rather than lit fuses that set off powder kegs below the earth's surface.

Whatever the possible relationship between cosmic patterns and earthquake activity, there appears to be at least an indirect link..  Based on statistical evidence, those cosmic patterns are linked to worldwide significant earthquakes of 6.5 magnitude or greater and perhaps for lesser magnitude events within the United States of America as well.

What all of this may indicate is that not only can animals predict earthquakes within a window of about a week, but astrological aspects can do the same, perhaps not as reliably, but with the advantage of seeing a potential earthquake coming years in advance.

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