Earthquake Prediction Made Possible

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What has usually been attributed to coincidence by the scientific community is finally getting more scrutiny and appearing to be more than just that.  Authorities are usually quick to dismiss a successful prediction as something akin to a non functioning clock that has the right time twice a day.  In this article we explore a recent verification that animals can indeed react to an earthquake well before it occurs.  And the evidence is compelling.  Not only that, but my Astro-aspect values seem to also be involved..

In this presentation, one 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Italy during the 12th century, three major earthquakes ranging from 7 to 8 in magnitude during the 17th century, one 8.8 magnitude event in the 18th century, and two very deadly quakes of 6.9 and 7.3 magnitude during the 5th and 6th centuries are explored.  Since they date from distant times, the dates may not have been pinned down to a degree that a reliable chart of our solar system can be confidently drawn.  With the help of detective work and my Astro-aspect values, I here attempt to rectify that situation with these temblors so that a more confident view of what was happening in the heavens when they occurred can no longer be judged too uncertain to be of any value.